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45 BBY: Kes Varn is born.

44 BBY: Stark Hyperspace War.

40 BBY: Zeva Vigil is born.

38 BBY: Kaylani Seren and Caster Novastar are born.

32 BBY: Crisis on Naboo. (Star Wars Episode I)

31 BBY: Zeva Vigil becomes the Padawan of Jedi Knight Dambraya Tulu.

22 BBY: Clone Wars begin. (Star Wars Episode II)

21 BBY: Zeva Vigil goes missing and is frozen in carbonite.

19 BBY: Clone Wars end. (Star Wars Episode III)

17 BBY: Kes Varn’s family is murdered.

12 BBY: The Sidori Gambit.


The Sidori Gambit The_Flax