Velcor's Cross

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Velcor’s Cross

Planet Type: Terrestrial
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Forests, mountains, swamps, ocean
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: 0.87
Diameter: 10,763 km
Lenght of Day: 26 standard hours
Lenght of Years: 443 standard days
Languages: Viashini, Basic
Population: 350 million
Species Mix: 96% Viashin, 4% other
Government: Caste System
Major Exports: Manufactured Goods, food stuffs, starship parts
Major Imports: Minerals, ore, luxuries
System/Star: Akris


Tis//Molten rock//0
Ulos//Searing rock//0
Irhun//Searing rock//0
Velcor’s Cross//Terrestrial//1
Velcor’s Shield//Asteroid Belt//0
Methrun//Gas Giant//7
Santhor//Gas Giant//15
Lijurn//Ice Ball//4
Tobern//Ice Ball//1

Velcor’s Cross is graced by lush terrain with a few mountain ranges bisecting the predominately swampy continents. The more stable ground is filled with a myriad of cities built on the model of arcologies, some of which have parlty sunk under the murky waters. The older settlements are nestled in mountains, some of which have been riddled with an extensive network of tunnels. The planet’s many starports are located on the highest peaks.

Commercially, Velcor’s Cross benifits greatly from being the oldest habitated planet in the Sidori Cluster and also the most important population-wise. Long before any humans settled Gastogne or any other planet in the Cluster, the Viashin civilization developed and flourished on Velcor’s Cross. Therefore, the planet is a at the center of an extensive trade network, both with its colonies and worlds colonized by races from outside the Cluster. The very productive industries of Velcor’s Cross churn out a truly massive amount of goods to be exported, be it from factories or hydroponic farms. The price of this advantage is in the cost in resources, even with extensive mining on the planet and in Velcor’s Shield, constant shipments of minerals and ore must be brought in from the outside for the production rate to be maintained. Another side effect is the scarcity of luxury goods produced on planet, due to Velcor’s Cross specialization in mass producing more common goods, which means the Viashin social elite must import almost all luxury goods it desires.

The government is ran by the local Antil’Daloks, the Exalted Caste, with a few notable exceptions. Velcor’s Cross has established a relationship of equality with its colonies, since their governement is essentially composed of Antil’Daloks with family ties to those on the capital planet. Governments are firstly at a local level, in the mostly autonomous settlements, then at a regional level and finally at a planetary level. The Antil’Daloks are highly structured in terms of position and functions, they are also as stratified as the Viashin society itself. Velcor’s Cross has always maintained a solid continuity in government and policy and as such it is a highly predictable regime very set in its ways.

Even with the rise of the Galactic Empire, Velcor’s Cross has maintained a suprisingly great degree of autonomy, at least internally. Most of the system defence force was scraped, with only a bare minimum allowed by the Empire for policing merchant ships. The planet, apart from being taxed and garrisoned by a contingent of Imperial troops, has the responsability to provide parts for the local Imperial navy ships, who also have free reign on the orbiting repair yards. Understandably, ever since the Imperials imposed themselves on Velcor’s Cross, the planet’s economy has suffered greatly, but as an already ordely world, there has yet to be any overt signs of dissent.

Velcor's Cross

Velcor's Cross

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