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The Galactic Empire’s Presence in the Sidori Sector is minimal at best. Moff Jeremiah Yeagar is the nominal and official leader of this region, but as most of it is uncharted and uncolonized, in reality his power extends only to a small part of the sector. Nevertheless, for such a small region, Moff Yeagar’s ressources are scarce and before the arrival of the Victory the Imperial Army had to make due with mostly Carrack Cruisers and a handful of Nebulon-B Frigates. The Imperial presence is mostly felt in the more populated worlds, with the more minor systems being mostly neglected since it is expected they will fall in line. COMPNOR’s reach extends only to the mostly human systems, while the Imperial Army is stationed to some degree or another in every populated systems. The effective presence of Imperial Intelligence or COMPNOR’s Imperial Security Bureau in the Sidori Cluster is unknown.

The Galactic Empire

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