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  • Kes Varn

    *Basic Profile* _Full name:_ Kes Varn (temporarily Nerr; took back old name)
    _Age:_ 33
    _Species:_ Zabrak
    _Planet of Origin:_ Iridonia
    _Height:_ 1.78 m (5’8 ft)
    _Weight:_ 71.7 kg (158 lbs)
    _Eye color:_ …

  • Caster Novastar

    *Looks* Caster is a human on the young side (26). He's actually on the handsome side, with sandy blond hair and an olive complection. His percing blue eyes almost never show the smoldering anger behind them, usually they are a mask showing anything …

  • Irene Hayes

    A native of Commenor, a prestigious planet in the Colonies Region, Irene Hayes was born in 59 BBY into a middle-class family. At the age of eighteen she joined the local SDF and entered Officer School at the same time. Distinguishing herself in tactics …

  • Crip Hokum

    Hailing for the peaceful Alderaan, Crip Hokum comes from a family considered an anomalie on that world. The Hokums have had a strong military tradition for countless generations and Crip, the latest in this proud line, has been bred to continue the legacy …