Irene Hayes

A veteran Imperial Captain who is severe and takes her duties seriously


A native of Commenor, a prestigious planet in the Colonies Region, Irene Hayes was born in 59 BBY into a middle-class family. At the age of eighteen she joined the local SDF and entered Officer School at the same time. Distinguishing herself in tactics and strategy, she was invited to join the Firebird Society, an honor she accepted.

By the time of the Clone Wars, she was captain of a cruiser with a solid combat record against pirates and other nuisances. She quickly proved herself further in early battles of the Clone Wars; the Battle of Geonosis and the Battle of Muunilist to name a few. During the last year of the Clone Wars, the Grand Army of the Republic unveiled the Victory II Class Star Destroyer to supplant the original Victory Class Star Destroyer. The first ship of this design was named Victory and Irene Hayes was chosen to be its captain. Most notably, Hayes took part in the battle of Coruscant with this ship.

To this date, even with the prejudice towards female officers, she has remained captain of the Victory and with no promotions in sight, she feels no need to kowtow to her superior’s various demands that are out of line with her duties. Hayes is noted for fufilling her duties and then more, which makes the moffs wary of her. As such, she has spent most of her time with Palpatine’s New Order in virtual exile.

On her ship she is known for her strict adherence to the rules and her intolerance for any lax in discipline. She is also deeply respected by her crew for her fairness and the confidence she projects with a deconcerting ease. Finally, Hayes is also noted among her crew for being receptive of their ideas or solutions, even if sometimes they are bad. This practice is scorned in the Imperial Navy which prones order and the supremancy of the chain of command above all.

Artwork by Tigerfog of

Irene Hayes

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