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Planet Type: Arid Terrestrial
Climate: Warm
Terrain: Mountain, temperate forest, ocean
Atmosphere: Breathable
Gravity: 0,92
Diameter: 10,483 k
Lenght of Day: 25,3 standard hours
Lenght of Years: 387 standard days
Languages: Basic
Population: 86,000
Species Mix: 96% Human, 3% Viashin, 1% Others
Government: Oligarchy
Major Exports: Pharmaceuticals, tourism
Major Imports: Manufactured goods, food stuffs
System/Star: Illir


Illir I//Searing rock//0
Illir II//Searing rock//0
Alemgotti//Arid terrestrial//0
Illir IV//Bare rock//0
Illir V//Gas giant//8
Illir VI//Gas Giant//18
Illir VII//Ice ball//1
Illir VIII//Bare rock//0

Alemgotti is a fairly large but barren world not too far from Velcor’s Cross. It was colonized shortly before the Stark Hyperspace War as a research outpost financed by the Republic. Alemgotti soon became somewhat renowned in the sector as a tourist attraction due to reports by colonists of breathtaking vistas discovered on multiple mountain tops. To accommodate the influx of visitors, semi permanent communities grew and in a short time the tourism boon accounted for most of the planet’s economy.

Then the Clone Wars came around, tourism faltered and when the research center, the sole remaining viable economic outlet of the planet was bombed by a Seperatist raiding force, Alemgotti collapsed on itself. Under the Galactic Empire the research complex was rebuilt and privatized and tourism began anew, but the planet was never completely revitalized, leaving most of the planets towns, including the capital, looking more like slums.


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